★★★★★ Enormous capacity, military grade construction, rain-proof
"I got the Justin Case to transport my excess video production gear. I have a small car and oftentimes don't have near enough room inside my car to get all my lights, stands, cases, aerial drone, and other video production gear into my car along with my crew. The Justin Case allows me to toss my excess gear on the roof of my car and not have to worry about my gear getting wet should it rain (it rains randomly here in FL!) because the Justin Case is rain-proof. This thing rules." - Kevin Bond

★★★★★ Big difference in our comfort level on the road!
"After returning from a camping trip a few weeks ago in my Honda pilot in which the kids had to sit at the same row all the way home due camping stuff, I did some research and stumbled on this Justin Case bag. I needed something to expand storage capacity, that wasn't going to require installing a permanent roof rack system, and that I could easily transfer from car to car as needed. I purchased the no rack Cargo Roof Bag and I'm very happy with it. I was shocked at how much I was able to pack with extra room still available.
As for the bag itself, it's larger than I was expecting though it fits the roof of my car fine. The quality of the material and level of detail is excellent. The material that the bag is made out of feels heavy-duty to the touch and is rain repellant. There are no exposed seams to cause leaks, the zipper is high-quality, and the hooks are a perfect fit. I highly recommend this bag." - David B.K

★★★★★ Buy this
"THIS THING IS AMAZING. Very low wind noise, I kept it on my 2005 Prius for two days and it poured rain the entire time for 40+ hours and everything was dry. It didn’t slide one bit and I overloaded it and no dents on the top of my car; yes it’s a bit pricy but it’s built to last. I’m so happy with it." - J. Pressely