Q: How do I keep my bag secure while I'm not around it?
A: The Justin Case SLS premium zipper can be locked. However, we do not advise leaving it without line of sight.
Q: What are the dimensions of The Justin Case?
A: The bag dimensions are: 47.2"X35.4"X19.8".
Q: Is there a speed limitation with the Justin Case?
A: With the Justin Case secured correctly to the roof of your car, and driving at the speed limit (which we advise), you will have a fluid drive.

Q: Is the Justin Case waterproof?
A: Yes, the Just Case has 600D military-grade PVC fabric for ultimate water and liquid protection.

Q: Is the Justin Case heat resistant?
A: The Justin Case is reliable in any heat. However, we do not advise storing food inside.

Q: Will the Justin Case scratch the roof of my car?
A: The Justin Case is the only car roof bag in the market to include a built-in protective mattress to prevent damage to your car.